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Missions--Humanitarian--First Responders

You have come a long way and it probably has been a financial burden to get where you are at. Your ready for your checkride and need to come up with the funds to make an appointment with a DPE.

TroyBox is collective resource of funds that can be made available to a qualified applicant for avaition related activities.


TroyBox was created to help with this last financial burden of your checkride for the rating you are achieving.


TroyBox is available to applicants that work or volunteer in aviation, for an approved mission, humanitarian or first responder organization.

Troybox  also may be available for training, CFI help, and aircraft,  depending on situation, funds and availability.


Troybox is NOT a non-profit organization,  it is just people helping people.

Ratings that are currently available for scholarship are ASEL, Instrument Airplane, Commercial, CFI Initial and CFII


TroyBox is provided by private donors, organizations, professionals,, and business’s that all have a passion for aviation and human services


Contact to see if your qualify for financial assistance.

All financial assistant depends on availablity of funds, applicant, organization,  and is at the sole discretion of flitechek.



If you have a passion for aviation and human services and would like to help with helping applicants get over the finish line with their pilot ratings please please contact Troy at and visit

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