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Service Fees


Check rides-

Service fees depend on type of checkride, knowledge test results, and services needed. Please get in touch with us for pricing for your situation.

Payment Methods- -- Cash--Zelle--Venmo--Apple Cash--Paypal-Flight School Check--Add a 4% fee to all but Cash and Flight School Check.



Practical Test will normally be conducted at X35 Marion County Airport FBO. If other location needed, applicable travel fee may apply. The applicant is responsible for providing secure and private setting for testing away from X35.


If applicant is not eligible to take test (Requirements not met, or other issues) full exam fee may be charged and re-exam fee will be charged at reschedule.


If unforeseen weather, emergency or other delay should occur please let us know asap. Have good communication with Troy on your arrival. Please be early and ready to go at your scheduled testing time. Do not be late.


Please cancel as soon as possible if a unforeseen issue arises. Depending on circumstance a reschedule fee may apply.


If aircraft is not compliant or airworthy, applicant will be issued a Discontinuance or a Letter of Disapproval, depending on situation. A re-exam fee will apply when issue is resolved.


All efforts should be made to use Iacra and you must know your login. If your requested service does not support or are unable to use Iacra, a $125.00 paper fee will be added for your 8710-1 or 8710-11



Retest (within 60 days) $600.00 - $1000.00 depending on tasks needed.



Continuance (within 60 days) A discontinuance fee may be charged depending on situation and time needed.

Additional Services-

(IPC) Instrument Proficiency Check, Light Sport Proficiency Checks, Light Sport Add Ons- Tower, 

Airspace, Airspeed, etc., (BFR) Biannual Flight Review, CFI Renewals (Call for Current Pricing)



Please Text with any questions to 352-895-0133

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