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What to Bring Checklist :


  • Ask Troy for your flight plan scenario a few days before your scheduled checkride at or text at 352-895-0133

  • 8710-1 or 8710-11 completed and signed off in iacra by instructor

  • Pilot's license, Medical (If applicable)


  • Drivers License, Passport 

  • Make sure You know your iacra login

  • 8060-5 Notice of Disapproval (if applicable)

  • Letter of Discontinuance (if applicable)

  • Examiner Fee 

  • Logbook (tabbed for easy lookup of endorsements and applicable flight training)

  • Sectional

  • Flight Chart Supplement



  • Flight computer/calculator

  • Plotter

  • Forecast weather for scenario 

  • Navigation Logs and Flight Plan

  • Hood, Foggles or other view limiting device

  • Other books, documents you may want for this test


  • Airworthiness

  • Registration

  • Operating Limitations (POH, AFM)

  • Supplements for added equipment

  • Weight and Balance calculated for scenario 

  • Compliance with AD's Annual Inspection check

  • 100 Hour (if applicable) check

  • GPS Navigator (IFR) check

  • ELT Check

  • Transponder Check

  • Pitot Static Check (IFR) 

  • VOR check

  • Instrument Airplane- must have a WAAS enabled GPS/Navigator

  • Clean Airplane inside and out

  • Where to Meet

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